S. Q. Lu (skullu) wrote,
S. Q. Lu

The first post.

friends only
(Why yes, that is my FO banner.
I'm just too lazy to make/find one. XD)

My regular journal (mostly public) is xenoamorist.
My fanfiction and art journal (public) is bittersweet_ink.
My NaNo '06 journal (also friends only) is i_venti.
My NaNo '07 journal (also also friends only) is deux_x_machina.
My add_a_writer "profile" can be found here, if you'd like to know a little more about me.

This is my journal for original fiction only.

Please comment here with a small note about where you found me, and I'll add you ASAP. :)

EDIT;; 06082007: I've decided that only my bigger projects and my more ambitious short stories (read: stuff that I might want to get published) will be f-locked. Drabbles and other things I write that are either casual or serve mainly to get my creative juices flowing will remain public. :D
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