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- - - skullu - - -

S. Q. Lu

S. Q. Lu
26 April
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&behind the scenes;;
skullu [skū'-lū]

My first initial is the chemical symbol for sulfur. My middle initial is the letter with the approximate frequency in the English language of 0.095%. My last name begins with the same first letter as the name of the language used in the Roman Empire, and the second and last letter of my last name begins with the same letter as the antonym of "above".

f(x) = 16x - 4. f'(x) = my age.

I have two X chromosomes.

My family hails from the same country as the Ailuropoda melanoleuca. I, however, was born and raised in the land of stars and stripes, and I currently live in the state with an area of 155,959 square miles. También hablo español.

I enjoy doing what, in Spanish, is called escribir; in French, écrire; in Italian, scrivere; and, in English... writing.
&the feature presentation;;
This is yet another writing journal of mine—but this one will focus on original prose and poetry, instead of fanfiction.

I enjoy exploring themes of human mentality, what drives their changes from the mundane to the insane, and interpersonal relations. An action isn't merely an isolated event—everything is connected.

You just have to look.
&let the credits roll;;
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